Improve Employees' Commute To Work

How Commute With Enterprise Works

Companies partner with Enterprise to bring their employees a better commute. By sharing a ride, your people arrive to work relaxed and recharged, fueling a better company culture for everyone.


Get Onboard With Commuters

See how sharing a ride can set your employees up for a more successful and productive day.


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Are You A Transit Agency?

Public transportation benefits everyone. Enterprise works with agencies to bring commuting solutions to your community.

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Getting To Work Is Now A Perk

Commute with Enterprise is a competitive benefit that helps you recruit and retain top talent—even helping you diversify your talent pool by recruiting from surrounding areas. Your employees can save money, reduce their environmental impact and gain valuable free time.


A Scalable Parking Solution

Commuting together frees up parking, allowing you to use your space more efficiently and say goodbye to parking congestion. 

A Ride To Work Program With Tax Benefits

You’ll save on more than just parking costs. IRS Code 132(f) can help your employees save money by reducing taxable income and can help your business to lower FICA payroll taxes.


Pledge to Keep it Clean

Commute groups set their own rules, sharing responsibilities like driving and vehicle care. We provide a Complete Clean Starter Kit to new Commutes and encourage all riders to take the Complete Clean Pledge.  For added confidence, we’re also offering vehicle disinfection services through our partnership with Spiffy. (Check site for special rates and availability.) 

Prove Success With Real-Time Results

Quarterly impact reports help you track toward your business goals, like lowering your carbon footprint or freeing up parking spaces.


Make Tomorrow Better

Sustainability isn’t just good for the earth, it’s good business. Consumers will pay more for products or services from companies with a commitment to sustainability.1 And, 76% of millennials take a company’s social and environmental initiatives into consideration before choosing where to work.2 Learn how we’re designing commutes that help companies reach their sustainability goals.

1. According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, “The Sustainability Imperative”
2. According to a Cone Communications, November 2016, “Millennial Employee Engagment Study”

See A Smarter Commute At Work

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