Commute with Enterprise

Vanpooling For Federal Employees

Commute with Enterprise partners with federal government agencies, like the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, to offer federal employees, including military and civilian personnel, vanpooling services.


Why Commute with Enterprise?

  • Up to $280 per month from the Federal Transit benefit to fund all or the majority of the personal commuting cost
  • Recent-model SUV or van
  • Less wait time at the gate (for base employees)
  • Maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance and a guaranteed ride home included 
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums (switch personal vehicle to recreational use)
  • Prepared to serve from the moment you arrive
  • Time back to use how you choose



How Does Commute With Enterprise Work?


We’ll match you with co-workers who share similar routes and shifts.

We’ll provide a recent-model SUV or van.

Everyone shares driving responsibilities and splits costs for rent, fuel, tolls, etc.



Who Can Receive Transit Benefits?

All federal employees are eligible to receive the Federal Transit Benefit.

See a full list of eligible participants.